After School Maktab


It is a fact that we are currently amidst a great deal of ignorance on many fronts of our lives. However, the most dangerous and unfortunately the most effective one is the silent battle that is waged on the hearts and minds of our innocent children. The battle is waged with smiling faces, alluring fashions, deceptive articles and even exciting toys which leave subtle messages in the hearts of children. Eventually, Muslim children with Muslim names but western hearts and minds grow up without any spirit of Islam in their lives. Apart from a few practices which they perform in a ritualistic manner, their lives center on materialism and fun. The true purpose of our existence in this earth is then completely lost. Thus it is imperative that we recognize the harm of this battle that is being waged on the hearts and minds of the Ummah. We, therefore, need to take necessary steps to safeguard ourselves and our children from this danger.

One of the most vital efforts in this regard is the effort of the Maktab. It has become the means of inculcating the awareness of Allah Ta’ala together with a sound knowledge of at least the fundamentals of Deen that will serve as a protection for our children. The Maktab has become more important and vital than ever before. In numerous countries of the world, and indeed in our own country, the Makaatib have become a means of saving the Imaan of thousands. It is not possible to fully appreciate the fundamental function that fulfils in watering the seeds of Imaan which will later flourish, Insha Allah.

Every parent should regard it as his/her incumbent duty to find a suitable maktab for their child to attend daily. Parents should be firm on sending their children to learn the Qur-aan as well as other basic tenets of Deen.

May Allah accept us, guide us, protect us and always be pleased with us. Aameen


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